Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Adventures in DIY Hair

SO.... I'm a FREAKIN GENIUS... or so I like to tell myself. One of my latest endeavors could be considered not of this category!
I'm the kind of girl who had a standing appointment with a particular hair stylist ever so many weeks. SHE is a genius. She always knows what to do with my hair, and it always looks so amazing.
Lately, I have been trying to turn into a frugal fashionista!
This means... I decided to cut my own hair! Lets just say, I was a bit nervous. For the sake of my family and my dear husband's sanity, I did it anyway

I googled how to cut my own hair... I found some pretty great videos and advice. I proceeded with caution. With a little help from my Mother-in-Law with getting it even, I managed to give myself an angled bob. I am happy with the style and cut, but I learned why my hair stylist uses a razor when trimming my ends. It lays much better when the ends are razored.

What I learned from this: 1. I can do anything with the help of google 2. I have much more patience for hair stylists now.
Will I do it again: HECK YES!!!

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