One of my favorite things to do is read books about websites and social networking; YES, I AM A GEEK!!! So, imagine my joy when several years ago I came across a social networking blog discussing TWITTER. I signed up immediately. I used it from my computer, until I finally gave in and changed my phone plan to unlimited texts... that definitely changed things.
I was, however, disappointed to find that none of my friends had even heard of Twitter when I first signed up. But still, I proceeded joyfully! It was almost like a second persona, because I could say what I wanted without worrying with who would see it, unlike f***book!
This all changed when I attended a book conference (I was a manager at my local independent bookstore before becoming a mother) in October 2009. There was a panel on social media marketing tools. Much to my surprise, the main topic of conversation was TWITTER! I was so excited, even though most of those around me were somewhat irritated about it. It didn't take long for my boss, and coworker to be intrigued... providing me with my first followers that I actually had a personal relationship with. Over the past few years, I have slowly caused a few friends and family to cross to the dark side... if only I could convert my mother! I am a GEEK and I  am addicted to TWITTER!
Twitter Bird Gadget