Friday, July 1, 2011


June is always so crazy for me. It was the start of summer for so many years, but as I've grown older, it has begun to entail so much more. Working at the bookstore, it was time to rearrange students' schedules and work up promotions for summertime travelers. Now, it entails so much more.
For some reason, as if June wasn't crazy enough, it tends to be when all the chaos piles in. We run around like crazy trying to accomplish things. Trips to Cherokee and to the lake are the norm, but this year it has been a bit different. 
June starts off with MY BIRTHDAY! Yay- I turned 27! Being the first weekend, it also includes our tradition of visiting Cherokee, NC on the first weekend. This was fun, the Little Prince enjoyed getting feathers, pictures with indians, and playing in the fountain. 
On to the next, its the Royal Couple's ANNIVERSARY! What a fun weekend, we grilled out, spent time together, and laughed so much. The interesting part was eating our wedding cake, as is tradition on a first anniversary! We ended up pretending to eat it, just for the pictures!
Then, came Father's Day. Just a weekend of relaxing, and eating buffalo chicken sandwiches, with my mother-in-law's special recipe! What a good weekend, hanging out with the family and relaxing. What could be better.
Our wonderful month of June ended with a fabulous visit with family from Canada. They only get to visit every few years, so it was a nice treat. I finally got to meet the Canada family, somehow I have always missed them. The Little Prince enjoyed playing with his cousins, and It was a wonderful visit.
To sum it all up, June was a crazy month, but we made amazing memories. Now, I can get to blogging regularly. June is so crazy 

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