Sunday, October 9, 2011


FALL: Noun; 1. Also known as Autumn;  2.  The season between Summer and Winter; 3. The months of September, October, and November; 4. Back to school,  Halloween, and Thanksgiving; 5. The best time of Year.

This is not the actual definition of Fall, but It is how I would describe it!

So many wonderful things in life happen in the fall. My husbands birthday, my little prince's birthday, HALLOWEeN, Thanksgiving, apples, PUMPKINS, the leaves change, trips to cherokee. The list just goes on!

Family seems to become more important to everyone, people get nicer (then winter comes, and the world is bitter again).

One of the true treasures of fall is being able to be outside in the crisp autumn air and enjoy everything. Just the other day, The LP and I were walking around picking red leaves for his Nana!

Sitting on the pourch enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee is pure joy!

My Favorite Fall Activities:

Picking colorful leaves and inventing crafts for them

Decorating for Halloween


Trips to Cherokee


Watching Horror Movies

Watching Christmas Movies

Enjoying Family


Making Pumpkin Butter


This year is special-- I'm carving a pumpkin for the first time EVER

What do you do to embrace all the wonder of FALL?


  1. My thoughts on fall are similar to yours - I'm not at all a fan of cold weather, but the rest of it - the colours, the food, the family - and especially the "cat holiday" ;) and Christmas coming...

    Yeah, fall is just fine!

  2. I would rather be too cold than too hot, and I guess our winters don't get as cold as yours! Halloween makes me want a black cat, and they are so pretty!


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