Friday, May 27, 2011

Can I Do It This Time?

So... I've decided once again to try and lose weight. I think that the reason that I have yet to succeed is that I have never had anyone/ anything to hold me accountable. By blogging, I'm hoping to be held accountable for what I do/ don't do.

I have several reasons to want to lose weight. Some of which are normal, health issues; however, others are more personal and vain. I want to be healthy, for my son and my husband. I don't want to develop the health issues as I age that so many in my family have. As far as the more vain reasons, I want to wear a bikini. I have never worn a bikini, and I want to and feel good in it.

I will make a plan and post it on my blog... hopefully I will succeed!

1 comment:

  1. I'll be rooting for you. Since your mom-in-law is like family to me, that makes you kind of family too, so you're stuck with me caring and supporting. :)


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