Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adventures in DIY Hair

So, naturally, my hair is very dark brown, almost black. So, naturally, I wanted to go blonde.... fun!

One day, my MIL and I were watching our husbands garden, and truth be told, we were getting bored... which is NEVER a good thing! I mentioned something about going blonde, and she said follow me, which, agan, is NEVER a good thing. We go into the house and she hands me two boxes of platinum blonde hair dye. I'm thinking, my hair isn't very long, this should work.. NOT! I dye my hair, and its still brown, lighter, but still brown.

We go to the dreaded WalMart and look at hair dye. We find a really awesome product that is supposed to take it from black to blonde... AWESOME. I go home and dye my hair. I leave it on for the maximum time of 90 minutes... this should do it. NOT! Its blonde, but a dark blonde. If I'm gonna go blonde, I want to be BLONDE!

Frustrated, I get on the internet, which usually doesn't turn out too good for me, but this time it did. I find directions on bleaching hair with peroxide. Wahoo. I make the mixture of half water, and half peroxide and commence to spraying. Left it on for 25 minutes (it can really damage your hair,) rinse, and condition. It is a little lighter. I do sun-in for a few days, and then peroxide again. I continue this pattern until i used this mixture about 5 times. Getting tired of this, I decide to just use peroxide and that worked a lot better. I did this twice. Finally, It is about the color I want....
My roots are showing REALLY BAD!!!!
Even though, I like the color that it finally is, I have learned my lesson. If I want to go blonde again, I will strip it first or go to a salon!

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